Dineen Tourism Management


John Dineen - Principal/Managing Director

John has been Managing Director of Dineen Tourism Management for 30 years.  His key roles involve overall management of the business, project management of all capital improvements and maintenance, new business development, promotion, marketing and branding.

John has a strong history of transforming parks into successful enterprises through a combination of park improvements, promotions, and robust management.  In his extensive career, John has managed various capital improvement projects across Australia including complete redesign, rebuild and refurbish projects.  John has owned and operated his own licenced restaurant and resorts as well as his accomplishments in the holiday park field.

John is committed to quality and knows how to deliver on a product.  He is a well known and respected member of the hospitality industry.

John's extensive experience in domestic and international marketing and promotion has been recognised in his positions as Founding Member/Chairman Port Douglas and Daintree Tourism Association, Founding Member/President Northern Beaches Tourism Association, and President Cobar Tourism Association.  John has also served as a Board Director and a Councillor.

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Karen Dineen - Principal/Managing Director

Karen has been a Director of Dineen Tourism Management for 30 years and is deeply involved in the business.  Karen acts as DTM’s National Manager, leading the operational, human resources and systems management elements of the business. 

Karen is an industry specialist and has managed teams in some of Australia’s highest profile tourist organisations including Sheraton Mirage and Quicksilver Connections. She manages the organisation for operational efficiency, risk management and ensures the compliance, sales and marketing initiatives are implemented.  Karen is highly proficient in the systems and processes, has a thorough knowledge of RMS, and has attained a Level IV qualification in OH&S.  She also leverages her accounting background to ensure robust budgetary management.

Karen was involved with RMS in Port Douglas, FNQ in 1987 and installed the first RMS system into this area.  There would be few operators with Karen’s in depth operational knowledge of this industry product which she has shared with many of her senior staff.  Karen always strives to improve and diversify the Holiday Park Reservation System making it more viable and productive.

Additionally, Karen, like John, has more than 30 years of international and domestic marketing experience which she uses in the development of all Dineen Tourism Management businesses.

Karen and John are a formidable team and have trained, employed and retained many first class employees during their company time.

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